Jesper Soerensen, GM of SO/ Maldives: We offer an escape that captivates the senses

//Jesper Soerensen, GM of SO/ Maldives: We offer an escape that captivates the senses

Jesper Soerensen, GM of SO/ Maldives: We offer an escape that captivates the senses

Mr. Soerensen, congratulations on the prestigious Best Premium Design Resort in the Maldives award for 2023SO Maldives is a brand new resort. How do you build such a modern and beautiful resort in such a short time?

Thank you for the congratulations on the Best Premium Design Resort award! Building SO/ Maldives involved a meticulous planning and execution strategy. We assembled a world-class team of architects, designers, and construction experts who shared our vision for creating an avant-garde and stylish luxury resort. Our commitment to cutting-edge design, coupled with efficient project management, enabled us to complete the construction within a short timeframe. We also prioritized sustainable practices, ensuring that the resort not only meets high aesthetic standards but also aligns with our environmental values.

Tell us a bit about your journey leading up to this position.

My journey leading up to the position of General Manager at SO/ Maldives has been filled with a passion for the hospitality industry. I’ve gained extensive experience working in luxury resorts around the world, honing my skills in guest satisfaction, operational efficiency, and team leadership. This journey has equipped me with the knowledge and insight needed to curate a unique and exceptional experience for our guests at SO/ Maldives.

What sets you apart from other resorts in the Maldives and what will keep guests coming back to stay with you again and again?

What sets SO/ Maldives apart is our commitment to avant-garde design, creating an immersive experience for our guests. Our attention to detail, personalized service, and a fusion of luxury and style create a distinctive atmosphere. We aim to provide more than just accommodation; we offer an escape that captivates the senses. This commitment to excellence ensures that guests not only enjoy their stay but also choose to return for the unparalleled experience we offer.

With the changing trends in the Maldivain tourism industry, how do you see the SO Maldives positioned to these changes?

In response to the changing trends in the Maldivian tourism industry, SO/ Maldives is positioned to adapt seamlessly. We are attuned to the evolving preferences of modern travelers, incorporating technology, sustainability, and unique experiences into our offerings. Whether it’s catering to eco-conscious travelers or providing immersive digital experiences, our resort is designed to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring we remain a top choice in the dynamic Maldivian tourism landscape.

With Mr. Velislav Petrov, the founder and pyblisher of Travel Luxe Media

What is your definition of success?

Success, for me, is defined by the satisfaction and loyalty of our guests. It goes beyond accolades and awards. A successful resort is one where guests feel a deep connection to the experience we provide, where they leave with cherished memories and a desire to return. Additionally, success involves contributing positively to the local community and maintaining a sustainable and responsible operation.

What are your plans for the development of the resort?

Our plans for the development of the resort include continuous innovation and enhancement of guest experiences. We aim to introduce new and exciting offerings, keeping the resort at the forefront of luxury and style. Sustainable practices will remain a priority in our development plans, ensuring that we contribute positively to the environment. Additionally, we are exploring partnerships and collaborations to bring unique and exclusive elements to SO/ Maldives, making it a destination that continues to captivate and exceed guest expectations.

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