Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah – The Aristocrat of the Emirates

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Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah – The Aristocrat of the Emirates

Vacation in style – perhaps this is the exact definition of the experience in this real palace, as if emerging from fairy tales. When we talk about the United Arab Emirates, we are used to associating it with skyscrapers, stunning highways, sandy beaches, Arab culture and innovations from the future. There is hardly any country that develops at such a furious pace and offers more and more breathtaking finished projects that build on and complement each other, leaving their visitors speechless. After Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah is the most visited and preferred by visitors who are tired of technology and urbanism. With its endless beaches, warm sea and clean environment – Ras Al Khaimah is becoming a holiday oasis favoured by locals and foreigners alike. Leading hotel brands are competing to build new luxury resorts, with plans soon to open the first huge casino, with an adjoining resort, of course, by the Wynn chain, of billionaire Steve Wynn – described as the Master of Las Vegas. This invasion will completely reformat the concept of UAE holidays, giving a solid head start to the visionaries of Ras Al Khaimah!

However, there is undoubtedly one aristocrat here and this is the fabulous Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah! There is no larger and more recognisable building here, so beautiful and imposing – a mix between an oriental palace, with references to New York’s iconic hotel of the same name and its skyscrapers. The original architectural eclecticism impresses each and every guest and makes it an iconic emblem of the rich Emirate.

Everything here is big-scale and done with panache. Nothing has been spared and it shows in every detail. Right from the turnoff of the legendary Sheikh Zayed Highway crossing all emirates, the entrance to the resort begins with a few hundred meters of road framed by palm trees and views of the astounding golf course, also managed by Waldorf Astoria. Then we finally reach the main entrance, which is so grand and beautiful that it takes the breath of every visitor.

Everything here is big-scale and done with panache. Nothing has been spared and it shows in every detail. Right from the turnoff of the legendary Sheikh Zayed Highway crossing all emirates, the entrance to the resort begins with a few hundred meters of road framed by palm trees and views of the astounding golf course, also managed by Waldorf Astoria. Then we finally reach the main entrance, which is so grand and beautiful that it takes the breath of every visitor.

The building was constructed by His Highness Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi – the monarch of Ras Al Khaimah. It is built in such a manner as to convey the power and respect of Arab culture with myriad details and inspirations, immersing the visitor in a fairy-tale-like, exciting environment, beyond the ordinariness of everyday life. The overall idea of a supernaturally luxurious experience is achieved with an ease and finesse that, after the initial shock of the scales, comes into place to make even the wildest dreams of vacationing in a fairytale oasis in the middle of the desert come true.

Entering the palace, you begin a journey of senses and exciting discoveries. The lobby is probably the largest we have ever seen, and the accents here are several. First is the big clock, located in the middle, which is a true masterpiece without a par. This amazing installation was a gift from the wife of His Highness Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi, worth several million dollars, with unique gold hoops, as it also counts the prayer hours.


The clock is over 6 metres high and is a masterpiece made of gold, welcoming guests in grand style. The installation includes a huge mother-of-pearl domed glass dial with striking hour markers and aquamarine centre; a traditional gold-plated Whitehurst 7-day mechanical device, with pendulum adjustment, driving the four sets of delicate gold hands. The watch also marks its Arabic setting with 5 rotating prayer rings at its base, indicating the exact minute of each prayer throughout the day. It took the Smith of Derby team 8 months to construct the clock, using over three tonnes of metal, steel and gold.

The huge lobby is decorated in authentic Italian marble, with a multitude of ornaments typical of a palace, such as this one. Several zones and an imposing staircase add more glamour and fabulousness to the hotel’s splendid decoration. Here you will see another wonderful creation – the Peacock, studded with all kinds of precious stones, perhaps the most expensive in the world. The peacock is considered to be native to India, where it is a symbol of the Sun because of the magnificent circle formed by its decorative feathers.  In ancient Hellas, on the island of Samos, the peacock was a sacred bird in the sanctuary of the goddess Hera. And in the 2nd century BC, the Romans began to venerate it as a sacred bird of the goddess Juno. The peacock has always been a symbol of wealth and power.

Once you receive your key card, you are immersed in a different space of luxury, beautiful design and dignity worthy of the most elite Hilton brand in the world – Waldorf Astoria – the flagship of the Hilton hotel empire!

346 – this is the number of luxury rooms and suites that reflect the palace environment and offer the luxury of space and comfort. Each room spans at least 56 square metres, offering a choice of wondrous panoramic views of the Arabian Sea, the championship golf course, the majestic Hajar Mountains and long stretches of white sandy beaches.

You have hardly ever seen more beautiful corridors, with silk wallpapers, soft carpets, artwork that seems to hint at what comes next. And what comes next is luxury and splendour of a royal scale. High ceilings, marble bathrooms with golden appliqués, branded cosmetics, overhead plasmas, beautiful boudoirs and walk-in closets, sumptuous terraces – comfort unparalleled in the emirate. Everything here is designed to impress and celebrate life!

The resort’s grounds are also impressive – different areas with large pools, cosy cabanas and sun loungers with comfortable and thick mattresses, as the distance between them guarantees comfort and a sense of privacy. The forest of palm trees is perhaps the highlight that creates a tropical feel and wonderful photo locations for instagrammers. It’s like living in a postcard – that is how magnificent Waldorf Astoria is.

The special Adult area with heated swimming pool, bar-restaurant is right on the beach and its concept suggests a relaxing area where rest is complete and entertainment is ensured.


The beach, oh the beach… We have never seen a beach like that before. 350 meters long, almost equally wide, with fine white sand, brought specially from Indonesia, at the personal request of the Emir. Here too, the distances are great between those resting on the beach, having the feeling that you are almost alone on it, and the experience is like Nirvana. For the more active, of course, there is a wide range of water fun, scooters, parachutes and whatever you can imagine.


The perfect sanctuary for recovery: this is the spa area offering signature treatments combined with exceptional care to create a place where guests can indulge and recover physically and emotionally. With an underwater theme running through the tranquil area, the soothing blue of the raw silk-lined walls, smart discreet lighting and original floor-to-ceiling windows create a feeling of complete relaxation.

Two different product lines are used in the spa; Voya – completely organic, sustainable seaweed products that have been produced on the shores of Ireland by the same family for over 100 years and QMS Medicosmetics – a powerful, intelligent skincare formula based on scientific logic, not miracles.

The curves of the entire space echo the calm waves of the sea, and the colour transports you to another dimension. Reminiscent of fancy mermaids, seashells and dreams. Golden threads weave their way through the Waldorf Astoria Spa with sparkling decorations, fabulous treatments and refreshing organic flavours.

The location of the spa has been carefully chosen to be close to the sound, sight and smell of the sea and surrounded by fragrant gardens. Winding corridors and treatment rooms with subtle, light curtains create a sense of movement in the quiet spaces. The 12 individually designed treatment rooms have been furnished to exacting standards to enhance the various treatments and provide maximum privacy; separate areas have been designated for male and female guests. The relaxation room is a secluded, softly lit area for the ultimate soothing experience.

The crown jewel of the Waldorf Astoria Spa is the VIP treatment room, where couples can enjoy the bliss and peace of togetherness. Thermal areas abound with indulgence; choose from aromatic steam, sauna, herbal bath, ice chute, fresh and tropical showers.

Lexington Bar and Grill – is an exclusive themed restaurant, taking its idea from the extravagant steakhouses of the USA and the famous New York street. The restaurant is on the ground floor and is a fine dining restaurant with a deliciously curated menu of incredibly delicious steaks and the freshest seafood sourced from around the world. The kitchen team proudly showcases their unique beef jerky, which cannot be found anywhere else in the entire Middle East. Elegant and modern, this steakhouse restaurant is decorated stylishly and with many artworks.  A selection of private dining rooms and magnificent outdoor spaces, the combination of atmosphere and food will have your taste buds craving for more. The restaurant has over 350 labels of elite wine in a temperature-controlled cellar. The extensive wine list is presented by experienced sommeliers.



Umi – is a modern Japanese restaurant surrounded by beautiful Japanese gardens. The interior has metallic accents featuring subdued lighting that transports guests to a part of Asia while maintaining a sense of balance. The bustling restaurant houses the captivating Teppanyaki Grill, where you will be served your seafood dinner in spectacular fashion, with a Japanese-style culinary signature. In the other part of the hall you will discover the sushi heaven. A Japanese sushi and sashimi chef shares his intricate creations here with grateful and happy guests.



Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience fit for royalty, all at affordable prices and packages. Experience your splendid oriental fairy tale that will remain imprinted in the most enjoyable and exciting memories of your world travel collection!

Photo credit: Travel Luxe Media Group / Waldorf Astoria




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