Cora Cora Maldives – It’s Time For Freedom

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Cora Cora Maldives – It’s Time For Freedom

The luxury resort in the Maldives is perfect for guests of all ages

Special premium project with Cora Cora Maldives

We are adding yet another recognition to our collection of 20 well-deserved international rewards from the last year for the incredible Cora Cora Resort: Best Premium All Inclusive Resort 2022 by our media group (three elite magazines, sites and social media with over 2M followers) as a token of appreciation for the high achievements and unique gourmet concept of this magnificent 5* resort!


Imagine beaches of fine white sand covered by palms, crystal-clear waves gently lapping the shore. If this is your Maldivian fantasy, then Cora Cora Maldives is going to be a dream come true, and much more. It’s time for freedom and relaxation!

Situated in the pristine Raa atoll, the gorgeous boutique resort Cora Cora Maldives offers a selection of 100 luxury villas, 55 of which are above water. From the beautiful beach villas equipped with indoors and outdoors showers and designer bathtubs to the quiet lagoon villa with two bedrooms and a pool with a slide – the sensation of carefree comfort merges with the rhythmic tides of the surrounding ocean. Each elegant room has its own unique design in order to guarantee your relaxed Maldivian lifestyle.

The spirit of freedom in Cora Cora Maldives may be felt on the entire island and encourages guests to embrace their authenticity and spontaneity. This philosophy is particularly well expressed in the Premium All-Inclusive Gourmet meal plan available in each of the four splendid restaurants and the two fantastic bars, allowing guests the freedom to eat anything they wish. We can state with confidence that the food is among the best in the world compared to many other islands and resorts.

Cora Cora Maldives combines perfectly authentic Maldivian recipes with an enormous selection of tasty delicacies, served with aesthetics and personal care to satisfy any dietary needs. The five-star resort offers a rich selection of vegan dishes, allowing each guest to choose their meals regardless of dietary preferences. As part of the free spirit of the place, there are no food restrictions and you will be impressed by the varied menu of refreshing cocktails, first-class alcoholic beverages, champagne and wines selected by a sommelier – all of that included in the package!

Each restaurant and bar offers a unique and incredibly delicious experience, a true celebration for the palate. The Italian Acquapazza offers a delightful repertoire of fresh pasta and wood oven pizza, delivered directly from the world pizza capital Italy.

At MYCOFFEE, the guests can enjoy refreshing smoothies and ice cream and can take part in coffee roasting sessions, as well as to explore the exquisite flavors of the energizing drink. The sizzling energy of an Asian street bazaar infuses the atmosphere of Ginger Moon, where the entirely female chef team creates astounding platters and bowls with fresh veggies and tender meat. You can taste the wonderful flavors of the East, indoors or outdoors, at the Tazäa restaurant with its sumptuous and authentic Maldivian curry, while the Teien restaurant offers an elegant selection of dozens of types of fantastic sushi – the perfect food to enjoy while watching the sunset – as well as many other known and unknown masterpieces of Asian cuisine.

The island jewel Cora Cora Maldives is surrounded by the glittering waters of the gorgeous, pristine Raa atoll. The resort is accessible only by hydroplane via a 45-minute flight from Malé. Cora Cora Maldives is unsurpassed in its dedication to freedom, prosperity, and celebrating Maldivian culture.

The luxury resort is committed to popularizing the captivating history of the region and is the first resort with a licensed museum which was officially opened on International Museum Day in 2022. It hosts over 400 local artefacts, two 12-century temple wells, as well as a 120-year-old Maldivian house that showcases the way of life of locals in the 1900s.

With its rich greenery and exceptional natural beauty, Cora Cora Maldives, surrounded by large white beaches and turquoise waters that transition into a reef teeming with sea life, is determined to preserve and protect its environment. From the observation tower built entirely from sustainable materials to the adoption of the turtle Cora who cannot survive in the wild, Cora Cora Maldives is a pioneer in Maldivian eco-tourism.

The outstanding work of the team has been consistently recognized and rewarded by the prestigious Green Globe certificate, making it the first resort in the Raa atoll to receive such recognition. This impressive achievement is an honor to hotels and resorts which have introduced effective and efficient sustainable solutions to protect the environment and wildlife.

The Indian Ocean is famous for its sparkling waves and rich marine life just below the surface. Discover this underwater wonderland snorkeling in the PADI five-star diving center which allows divers of all skill levels to meet this colorful marine life up close.

Board the luxury yacht of the resort and explore the archipelago. Whether you are seeking to watch dolphins dance with the waves, chase the last rays of the sun at a sunrise cruise or sail at night to gaze at the stars with a champagne glass and a cocktails of sea delicacies and bits, the resort yacht will take you on an unforgettable oceanic adventure.

After a day of sightseeing, guests can relax at the MOKSHA Spa & Wellbeing Center where experienced professionals from Thailand and Indonesia will provide a combination of Eastern and Western healing treatments. This is a special spa oasis which replenishes your energy and emphasizes on the importance of self-care. Everyone deserves the time and opportunity to focus on themselves in order to rejuvenate their mind, body and soul and to achieve a new sensation of personal freedom.

The expertly trained staff will do everything possible to provide the adventure of a lifetime to each guest in one of the newest and most amazing Maldivian resorts. It’s time for freedom!


Mr. Justin Swart – General manager  Cora Cora Maldives:

Mr. Swart, congratulations on the prestigious Best Premium All Inclusive Resort in the Maldives award for 2022!  Cora Cora is a resort only one year old, how did you manage to achieve such a high quality of service?

Thank you very much and indeed it has been very exciting to open Cora Cora Maldives in October last year.We have from the very beginning believed that we are in the business of people and that people ultimately makes the difference. We now have established a cultural DNA whereby we put our team first, meaning we look after their well-being in all aspects. This is not to say that we are perfect and 250 team members living on a remote island creates naturally its own challenges but we believe we have generally speaking a happy and supportive atmosphere and that seems to transcend to our guests.

You are the GM from opening. Tell us a bit about your journey leading up to this position.

This is my sixth year in a GM role, and a first leading a Premium All-Inclusive Resort in The Maldives. I’ve enjoyed over 15 glorious years in the business of hospitality, and what a journey of discovery it’s been so far. My career started off in Spa & Wellness, and it all evolved through the years to include Sales & Marketing, Hotel revenue Management, Food & beverage operation, Project development and project management. I mentioned that we are in the business of people, and I enjoy working with people. ‘people’ are at the heart of Cora Cora Maldives.

What sets you apart from other resorts in the Maldives and why do guests come back to stay with you again and again?

We believe that we are the preferred choice in the premium all inclusive market firstly because of our dine around concept, meaning there are no restrictions where our guests can eat. A very wide range of authentic food offerings in our restaurants and that paired with a very extensive Beverage list. Our very own MyCoffee “the Island chill-out place” where we roast our own coffee. Our wellness Center which we have given the sanskrit name Moksha (meaning to free oneself) is indeed unique and offers a whole wider range than just a few generic massages and under the banner of 12 Dimensions, we would like our guests to immerse themselves into healing treatments that are unique here in the Maldives. I think we have the largest choice of Vegetarian and Vegan dishes, Everyone should have tried our vegan chocolate cake before they depart (!) and should tour our Museum and Heritage site that is unique here in the Maldives.

With the changing trends in the Maldivain tourism industry, how do you see the Cora Cora positioned to these changes, especially the post-pandemic transformation?

Our tagline “its freedom time” was born in the mids of the pandemic with the aim to give our guests a place where they can feel free again and mainly in two ways. Introspectively, to find calmness and peace through meditation and reading (each villa has 5 books with wellness topics) but also with scattered calm places around the island where guests can be alone but also feeling free again in a  stimulating way to learn new things and there we offer from guitar and boduberru dancing to Art classes all sort of activities that guests can hopefully take home.

What are your plans for the development of the resort?

We are already in November and we are ready for a captivating festive season, soon we will launch our own Cora Cora Collection – a clothing and merchanisding line and all of that and a lot more personal stories from our guests and partners are being featured in our own coffeebook that will be released soon, Stay tuned for more. I invite everyone to come and feel the vibe of “its freedom time” at Cora Cora Maldives.

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